So what's Jelly?

  1. A fruit-flavoured dessert set into a wobbly elastic mass, typically enjoyed with ice cream or in a trifle.
  2. An informal coworking gathering where people get together, meet new folk and work in an informal, friendly environment. CamJelly is an alternative to working anonymously in your coffee shop or garden shed – a mixture of work, chat, comparing ideas and collaboration. It’s not just networking – if you want to simply pound away at the keyboard with headphones on, you can do just that.
  3. The US term for what the rest of the world calls ‘jam’.

Who’s welcome at CamJelly?

Anyone and everyone – CamJelly is an open book.

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What’s there at CamJelly?

When is CamJelly?

CamJelly happens approximately once a month (see the events page for further details) - come or go any time you like. The event roughly follows a pattern:

Informal Coworking Session – come for a half hour or come for the whole session – drop in, drop out. This being the ‘cowork’ bit, bring a laptop, tablet or whatever device works for you!

Networking Session – A chance to learn a bit more about those who turn up through informal networky chats and drinks.

Where does it happen?

The venue is currently the Future Business Centre and we’re extremely grateful to them for the use of their large meeting room. It’s light and airy with all of the above plus a cafe in the ground floor space for lunches and snacks.

For directions please follow the link

In the past we have used IdeaSpace at the Hauser forum (West Cambridge) for our venue but it looks unlikely that we will be able to get space there at the moment.

What does it cost?

We try to keep the running costs as low as possible but there are expenses such as the hosting of websites, use of Meetup, not to mention the use of the facilities and the drinks and nibbles which we all enjoy.  Incidentally most of the latter are provided through the generosity of our hosts but we feel it is only right to make a contribution from time to time.

In practice we have found that a 5 donation for each event is generally sufficient to cover these costs.

A Brief History of Jelly

Jelly originated in New York in February 2006 when flatmates Amit and Luke realised that productive as it was working from home, they missed the creative brainstorming, collaboration and camaraderie of a more communal workspace.

So they invited friends to work at their flat one day a week. They found that being in proximity to new and interesting people resulted in new and interesting conversations, often leading to new and interesting ideas.

Amit and Luke were munching jelly beans when they first talked about it, so Jelly was born. There are now hundreds of Jellies worldwide.

And keeping up to date?

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